Gas Fireplaces

FreeStanding units are similar to traditional woodstoves, but so much cleaner and easier to use!  They can be vented several different ways. Most models are able to vent up two or three feet off the top of the stove and then out horizontally through the wall. A few are able to go directly horizontal out the wall. You can also vent them up through the roof and may also utilize parts of an existing woodstove chimney system.  They can be finished in steel, cast iron, porcelain enamel, and soapstone and come in a variety of sizes.  Most require a hearthpad be installed between the fireplace and combustible flooring.

are designed for installation in an existing masonry fireplace. They come with different sizes, colors and shapes of surrounds which blend them into the existing opening of your fireplace.  Flexible venting is run through the chimney with a special adaptor and chimney cap added above the roof.

Built In Fireplaces are for the built in look, without the necessity of a masonry chimney. Many brands now offer mantles or surrounds and mantles to complete the look, or you can design your own.  Venting can be accomplished up through the roof, or up a short ways and then out horizontally.  Some units offer ducting so that some of the heat can be moved to other areas of the home. So you can enjoy your romantic fire in the livingroom without overheating, yet that back bedroom is getting the heat it needs.

Things to consider when selecting a fireplace…

 Heat Output/Room Size

Before you select a fireplace, you must decide how much heat output you desire. Is this fireplace going to be your prime heat source or is it going to be heating a smaller room? Are you using it more for decor and atmosphere or for heat? Would you like to duct some of the heat to another location? The BTU rating of a fireplace tells you how much output it will have. You’ll want to look at how low it can be turned down, as well as how high it can go. For heating small rooms or for ‘more atmosphere than heat’ situations, we’d recommend you select a fireplace that will turn down to 15,000 BTU’s. You won’t need anything larger than 25,000 BTU’s or you will get too hot too quickly and not be able to enjoy the flames. You might also look for heat ducts and heatports that will allow some of excess heat to be piped elsewhere. For heating several rooms or an entire home, we’d recommend a minimum of 40,000 BTU’s. Look for more powerful blowers (cfm ratings) to move the heat further distances down hallways, etc.

Installation Size/Clearance

Be sure to measure up the area where you want to place your fireplace. You’ll want to pay particular attention to the recommended ‘clearances from combustibles’. Also be aware of where the venting will need to be located, as it cannot terminate too close to windows or doors or other exhausts or air intake areas. We can help you look at all of this information to be sure you’re getting what you need. Bring us your ideas and measurements! 

Mode of Operation

Almost all units can be operated with a simple on-off switch – sometimes the switch is right on the front or top of the unit, or accessible through an access panel, or is located on the wall. All units can be hooked up to a wall thermostat for easily regulated heat. Most will also operate with programmable thermostats, allowing you to set different times or day or week to different temperatures. Almost all units are designed to operate with optional remote control units. Some remotes are simple on-off units. Some will display the temperature digitally. Some remotes even operate as a thermostat so that if you tell it to be 70 degrees F and then you take it with you to a back room, the fireplace will continue to run until that back room gets to 70 degrees. Some fireplaces allow the remote control to also control flame height and blower speeds. A few will allow you to push a 30-minute button or a 60-minute button and the fireplace will come on for just that length of time.

Gas, Wood, or Pellet?

Home Appliances

Arrowhead LP Gas is your source for quality home appliances from Whirlpool Corporation,  General Electric Corporation, and Crosley. If you live in Kake or Wrangell or anywhere on Prince of Wales Island, count on Arrowhead LP Gas for your appliance needs. We stock some appliances in each of these locations, but there are many more options to choose from.

If you live in one of our larger communities, please check with your local dealer first.  If they are not able to get what you need, then let us know.

We are happy to quote on “whole-house” packages, too. Let us know what you need!

Pick Out Your Favorite Models.  Click for Company Website.

Gas Water Heaters

Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters are the most common and traditional source of home water heating. They heat a reserve of water in a tank and maintain it’s temperature so it is ready to use when needed. Available in a variety of sizes, browse the Bradford White models and let us know if you would like a quote. We do stock tank water heaters in some of our locations as well. Email us for current product availability. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. There are several different options for venting, depending where your water heater will be located in your home. There are also tank water heaters specifically designed for mobile homes and manufactured homes.

On Demand Water Heaters

Save on annual energy costs with a Tankless On Demand water heater. Increasingly popular, these water heaters heat only the water that you draw from the faucet with new and efficient technology. Enjoy endless, instant hot water from any water source in your home. You’ll not only save money annually, but you’ll also save space. A tankless water heater uses only a portion of the space a traditional tank water heater would use and can be easily mounted on an interior or exterior wall. Many models are eligible for federal tax rebates. Several models are available with different efficiency ratings.  Shop around using the links below.  Then contact your local office for pricing on the model(s) you select.  We look forward to helping you save on your energy bills.

Gas Heaters

Direct Vent Residential Heaters

We offer an assortment of direct vent heaters to heat small to large open spaces. With high efficiency ratings, low profile, and easy installation, direct vent heaters are a good choice for Southeast Alaskans. Need heat for a remote location. Ask about our “no electricity” options.
We currently stock units from Rinnai and Empire Comfort Systems. Feel free to browse their sites and see what would work best for you or contact us for a consultation and current availability.

Garage and Shop Heaters

If you spend a lot of time working in your garage or shop, it might be time to consider installing or upgrading your heat source. We have a variety of options for both big and small work spaces.

Outdoor Recreational Heaters

For Emergencies, Camping, and the Job Site

Forced Air Propane Heaters

Great For Construction Projects

  • Instant Heat Economical, efficient and clean burning
  • Maximum Heat Circulation Heavy duty
    high output fan
  • Safe Heater shuts off with loss of
    flame or power supply
  • Made To Last Rugged, durable steel construction
  • Ready To Use Simple hook-up; hose and regulator included

Warehouse Heating

Larger applications require a more powerful heat source. We can accomodate your warehouse and commercial heating needs. See product brochures (right) or visit the ADP website for detailed information. Please contact us with questions or to request a quote.

Manufactured Home Furnaces

by Intertherm, high efficiency gas furnaces offer comfort and many other value added features. Visit their website for details.


Arrowhead LP Gas is pleased to offer the Rinnai High Efficient Condensing Boilers, providing heat and hot water needs in one compact unit.

Contact your local Arrowhead LP Gas office for additional pricing and installation information.

•Maximum Space Savings

•Flexible Installation

•Best In Class Efficency

For Benefits, Key Features, and Frequently Asked Questions…

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