Be sure to call us if  you have any questions about the operation of your gas appliances or about the safety of your gas system. Scratch & Sniff Brochures are available at your local office.

If you smell gas, turn off your propane tank immediately and contact your gas supplier.  If you smell odors inside your home, do not operate your light switches or use your phone or create any other means of a spark or flame.  Have your qualified gas service person check it out first.

Important Propane Safety Information

What you should know about Carbon Monoxide

Living Safely With Propane

Material Safety Data Sheet
Characteristics of propane, precautions for handling, emergency procedures

PROPANE – Exceptional Energy

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Technical Information

Here are some helpful data sheets.
Please email us with questions or to request more information.

Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) for Propane

Facts about Propane (conversion factors, weights, BTU’s, flammability limits, etc.)

Vaporization Capacities for different sized tanks.

Please contact your local Arrowhead LP Gas office if you have more questions.
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