CETPlogoArrowhead LP Gas believes in keeping you happy, safe, and comfortable with your gas appliances. 

That’s why we have licensed gas service people on our team.  They have  many years of experience and receive continued training to keep abreast of the latest in gas technology.

  • One part of our safety commitment to our customers is the pressure test that is done whenever we set a new tank in place.  If a leak or other problem is noticed at the time of a tank set, we work with the customer to get the problem resolved before gas is turned on.
  • A second part of our commitment is to provide repair and service for our customer’s gas appliances*.  We want your appliances to be running in tip-top shape.  Contact your local Arrowhead LP Gas office to arrange for a service call if you are experiencing problems or have a question about any of your gas appliances.
  • The third part of our commitment is to provide training for our employees, so that they are equipped to handle your every need.

Take advantage of our expertise when you are designing a new home or addition.  Bring us your floor plans and your desires and we can map out the most efficient design for your gas system.  Because so many things are important to the design (appliance choice and location, tank size and location, regulator size and location, line size, and appliance air intake & venting locations), it’s better to look at these at the early stages in your building plan.  We are happy to give you an estimate for your gas plumbing and appliance installation needs. 

We’re here for you!

*We are unable to work on appliances at a location that is not being fueled with Arrowhead LP Gas propane.  If you are not a current Arrowhead LP Gas customer, but are having problems with a gas appliance, please contact our office for information about how you can become a customer of ours and thus be covered by our insurance for repairs to your system.